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Somos una empresa con un propósito tan grande como nuestro amor por el agro.

Heincke Group nace en el 2017 con la ambición de actuar como un agente de cambio en el agro que permita consolidar un campo próspero y sustentable para las generaciones de hoy y de mañana. Creemos y actuamos bajo una forma diferente de hacer negocios, con tratos justos, apoyando al cultivador, desarrollando e impulsando proyectos productivos de alto impacto, implementando tecnología de punta, generando confianza, innovando, implementando metodologías y desarrollos de alto impacto a lo largo de toda nuestra cadena productiva.

We are committed to transforming lives through impact and support throughout our entire production chain.


Departments of Colombia impacted


Puestos de trabajo generados a lo largo de nuestra cadena de suministro


Cane producers associated with the production of the Heincke Group

Our Purpose

We believe in a new way of doing business. In which we give importance to the environment, people and economic benefit for our entire production chain.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between small farmers and the international market, giving both a chance to succeed. For this reason, we believe in and live fair trade for our producers, supporting them hand in hand to improve volumes, quality and generate systemic growth.

Our dream is to contribute to the development of 2,500 Colombian families in the next 5 years.


Damos grandes pasos, con grandes resultados

Foto: Planta de Zona Franca de Tocancipa. Fernando Heincke y María Paula Guerrero, fundadores y creadores de Heincke Group.

We have achieved great results that have catapulted us among the market leaders in a very short time and with the projection of being the N.1 company as providers of innovative solutions for agriculture, acting locally and impacting globally.

Market leaders
Desarrollo Sostenible


“Somos líderes en desarrollo de soluciones, estrategias y modelos de negocio de triple impacto que impulsan el agro y a los cultivadores colombianos a través de servicios y productos que realmente benefician a la sociedad.”

What we seek to solve

The UN estimates that by 2050, 10 billion people will have to be fed on a planet with limited and even diminishing food resources due to climate change. In fact, to feed the entire planet in the next thirty years, food production will have to grow by 70%. In addition to this, 78% of the people living in poverty in the world work in the fields.

Faced with this problem, governments, international organizations and private companies constantly invest in developing new efficient and agroecological agricultural practices; however, its adoption in the field is very limited due to the lack of access to information, financial support and innovations that generate strategies and effective business models that translate into incentives and growth for producers. This situation is evidenced by the low resilience of agricultural chains to climate change, to the risks of pests, diseases and quality, generating poverty, migration and risks for the economic system.

The countryside needs a social, environmental and economic transformation that empowers producers and links them to their value chains, as well as connects and recognizes the needs of consumers to impact society with goods and services with enriched value propositions that promote the chain crosswise.

Certified quality and guarantee

Our business model of impact

Without Intermediation

We directly connect our clients with the origin, always offering the best, with clear value propositions and with a focus on providing the world with high-value food products that impact society. Quality, price and guarantee.

With triple impact

We have assumed the responsibility of developing visions, strategies and business models aimed at generating triple impact transformation in agriculture (Social, environmental and economic).

Guaranteed Quality

Our quality assurance chain goes from the farm to the hands of the consumer.

Leaders in healthy trends

We respond and anticipate changes in habits and consumption of healthy foods in consumers around the world.

Integral Service

We transfer our good practices to our stakeholders: collaborators, suppliers and other interest groups.

Best products for the world

We develop and innovate in all the processes of our production chain to provide the world with the best products, with the best quality and the best prices.

We are transforming agriculture and society.

Contáctenos hoy y empiece a experimentar la experiencia Heincke Group.