What is the process of solid panela?

There are six key steps during the panela production. They are as it follows: 1. Sugar cane maturity and cutting When the cane is mature (between 10 and 20 months after having been planted) and contains the ideal quantity of sugars (sucrose) required for the production of panela. This is the moment when farmers proceed … Read more

Let’s stay calm and responsible

First of all, we want to invite everyone to stay calm and take advantage of this moment. We are presented an opportunity to enjoy our time at home while we continue with our responsibilities. Likewise, we suggest to consciously implement the health guidelines presented by the health care administration such as: hand washing and avoiding … Read more

Fernando Heincke, and his agricultural revolution

Fernando Heincke, a businessman from Bogota and CEO of the company that bears his surname, has been considered one of the most visionary entrepreneurs of the recent generation. Within its marketing model this company seeks to benefit and bring value to Colombian farmers leading them towards international markets. During the latest special conducted by the … Read more