Heincke: Reinventing Yourself to Overcome a Crisis

Fernando Heincke, CEO and Founder of Heincke was interviewed by Hernán Trello, Director of OLIVIA Colombia. All this as part of Olivia “Transformation Stories”. In this interview, Fernando spoke about all the decisions he had to make in order to overcome the effects of the crisis. According to him, one of the key points was … Read more

How to buy Smart?

Going to the supermarket can be a complete challenge, due to the big amount of products that we can find in this establishments, making for us, getting healthy food, with good flavor and at good prices, a not that simple task. Improving our health and focusing on our food starts from the very first moment … Read more

Heincke moved by passion- Dinero magazine

In one of the recent publications of the magazine Dinero, panela is shown as one of the opportunities for entrepreneurship in Colombia. In this article called “Panela: una oportunidad para emprender” Fernando Heincke CEO of the company Heincke, had the opportunity to tell the origin and growth he has had as an entrepreneur during his … Read more

Let’s stay calm and responsible

First of all, we want to invite everyone to stay calm and take advantage of this moment. We are presented an opportunity to enjoy our time at home while we continue with our responsibilities. Likewise, we suggest to consciously implement the health guidelines presented by the health care administration such as: hand washing and avoiding … Read more

Fernando Heincke, and his agricultural revolution

Fernando Heincke, a businessman from Bogota and CEO of the company that bears his surname, has been considered one of the most visionary entrepreneurs of the recent generation. Within its marketing model this company seeks to benefit and bring value to Colombian farmers leading them towards international markets. During the latest special conducted by the … Read more

Climate change and sugarcane

The constant increase in temperature and the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere are manifestations of climate change today. We have been noticing its effect with periods of greater heat and important changes in the amount of rain in the year. Both factors affect both humans and agriculture, and sugar cane has been no exception … Read more

Healthy gums with sugar cane

Recent studies show that the consumption of sugar cane contributes to the improvement of our oral health. Its juice prevents the development of the annoying cavities and keeps our gums on point. Its regular consumption eliminates the incubation of malignant bacteria that affect our oral health. By implementing this habit, we can make our teeth … Read more

Biodegradable materials made with sugar cane scraps

Brazil, Mexico and Perú were the first to use sugar cane scraps as a by-product. Creating biodegradable packaging is a sustainable mechanism that Colombia has been recently implementing. The scraps or “bagazo” usage is a way of recycling, it is the shell left of sugar cane after the juice extraction. Another way this material is … Read more