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Investment Banking

Heincke Group provides companies and ventures with tools for negotiating with large companies and strategic sectors in search of greater profitability for their clients and shareholders.

Business Banking
Companies and strategic sectors
Investment Banking

Aceleradora de emprendimientos y proyectos productivos con alto potencial

At Heincke Group we believe in the transformation of an ecosystem that benefits agriculture and society, for this reason, we help companies to identify their capabilities and potential, growth opportunities, and to diagnose their administrative, financial, technological and market barriers. We provide resources and tools to get to the next level.

Business Accelerator
Productive projects with high potential
Seed Capital

Servicio de acompañamiento empresarial

We provide business support services as an "applied university" for entrepreneurs. In which we support and strengthen ventures in product and technology issues, growth, finance, operations, talent, and capital raising. In parallel, we can support with a seed capital investment.

Business Accompaniment
Applied University for Entrepreneurs
Capital Raising
Advice and consultancies for companies

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