El Impacto de la Panela

Panela arrived in Colombia in the 15th century, since that time it has become one of the most known and important products of the basic basket of Colombian families, thus generating a positive impact throughout the country. The sector of Panela is the 2nd most important of Colombian agribusiness, and is a source of income … Read more

Historia de la Panela

The consumption of panela in Latin America and the world grows every day. Little by little, it becomes more recognized and valued by consumers. However, its existence is not recent, but has a historical tradition. One of the oldest records says that panela was created in New Guinea, the country where sugar cane comes from. … Read more

¿Sabes qué es USDA Organic?

When buying a product, you come across different information such as “nutritional value”, “diet products” or “organic products”. This can be confusing, and lead you to consider that “organic” is just one more attribute, without expressing its real meaning: “plant products, animal products or their derivatives, which are produced and made with natural substances.” Although … Read more

¿Sabes qué es Comercio Directo?

Direct Trade seeks to establish direct and beneficial relationships between producers and distributors, eliminating intermediaries that are usually part of the supply chain. When applied correctly, it benefits both parties in the following ways Strong relationship: trading directly with the producer generates a close relationship between both parties, which benefits trade. Transparency: allows to know … Read more

¿Sabes qué es la Certificación GMO-Free?

One of Heincke’s certifications is GMO Free, which refers to the absence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Heincke’s products and processes. GMOs are living organisms that have obtained DNA from another organism through genetic engineering or molecular biology. These modifications are made with the aim of increasing nutrients and proteins, making the products resistant … Read more

¿Qué es comida orgánica?

Organic food is a great trend in recent times, we have understood that by saying that something is organic it means that it is equal to healthy. However, do we really know what this term means?  According to the Organic Trade Association, organic food means food without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. If non-organic ingredients … Read more

Tarta fría de coco y mango

Ingredients: Base Tarta de Coco Capa de Mango 2 tablespoons of water 400 ml of coconut milk 350 g of mango 3 tablespoons of coconut oil  400 ml of vegetal milk 3 tablespoons of water 120 g of vanilla biscuits 2-3 tablespoons of panlea ½ tablespoon of grenetine   1 tablespoon of grenetine 3 tablespoons … Read more

Pudding de chía y chocolate

Today, we share with you a recipe for a dessert, which chocolate lovers will prepare again and again. It is gluten-free and loaded with omega 3, antioxidants, calcium, and fiber. Ingredients 200 mililiters of coconut milk. 30 grams of chia seeds. ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon. 2 tablespoons of panela.  ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract. … Read more

¿Por qué elegir orgánico?

why choosing organics

Nowadays, it is very common to hear about organic products and their wonders; these products range from food to cosmetics. And perhaps, for us, there remains the question of whether these products are actually better or whether it is worth paying for that difference in price compared to conventional products.  To begin with, we have … Read more

¿Cómo comprar inteligente?

Going to the supermarket can be a complete challenge, due to the big amount of products that we can find in this establishments, making for us, getting healthy food, with good flavor and at good prices, a not that simple task. Improving our health and focusing on our food starts from the very first moment … Read more

¿Cómo construir un Capitalismo Sostenible?

panela sostenible

Some years after Milton Friedman declared that “the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits”, this doctrine is finally coming to its end. A lot of entrepreneurs and companies are skeptical that the only working system is the one that incentivizes squeezing profits out and handing them to shareholders not involved in operations.  … Read more

Pollo Tso con Chile Rojo hecho en casa

This recipe is a restaurant favorite, it is based on an authentic Hunan dish roughly translated into “ancestor meeting-place chicken”.  Ingredients For the Chicken For the sauce 1-pound chicken (boneless thighs) 2 tablespoons dark soy sauce 1 tablespoon soy sauce (light)  1 tablespoon rice vinegar 1 large egg (lightly beaten)  1 tablespoon panela  Black or … Read more

Los 10 Principios del Comercio Justo

Fair Trade is an alternative trade system, focused on the social aspect and solidarity, which seeks to achieve the development of the people and the fight against poverty. The main objective of the organizations of Fair Trade is that through the endorsement of the consumers, to participate actively in the support to the producers, the … Read more

Mermelada de moras con panela

Nothing better that starting the day with a coffee and a toasted bread with jam, both sweetened with panela. Today we will learn how to make our own jam.  Ingredients:  500 g of wild blackberries. 250 g of panela (it can even be less if the blackberries are well ripe). The juice ½ lemon.  Process:  … Read more

Panela: una fuente de minerales


Raw sugar cane is healthier that any other cane sugar sweetener. It is made without the use of additional chemicals used in the process of white sugar. It has minerals that other sugars don’t have: Quantity of minerals in mg/100 g Minerals (mg) White sugar Moscabado sugar Raw sugar cane Phosphorus 0 3.5 66.4 Calcium … Read more

Receta sencilla de tostadas francesas y almíbar

Panela French Toast

Ingredients: For the French toast: -8 slices of bread -3 eggs -1 cup heavy cream -1 tablespoon of raw sugar cane -2 teaspoons of cinnamon -3 tablespoons of butter Bonus: -your favorite fruit For the syrup: -3 tablespoons of raw sugar cane -100 ml of water Directions: For the syrup: Heat both ingredients in medium heat … Read more

Receta de nueces Espresso Tostadas


Ingredients: – 1 tbs of coconut oil -200 g of mixed nuts -2 tbs of panela -1 tsp of instant coffee grounded  Directions: Heat the oil in a pan, put all the ingredients and mix until you see all the ingredients combined.  It usually takes a few minutes.  Enjoy this delicious recipe. 

ODS #2: Hambre cero

Due to rapid economic growth and increased agricultural productivity over the past two decades, the number of malnourished people has almost halved. Many developing countries that were suffering from famine are now able to meet the nutritional needs of the most vulnerable. Regions such as Central and East Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean … Read more

¿Qué son los ODS?

panela heincke

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, an action plan for people, planet and prosperity, which also aims to strengthen universal peace and access to justice. The United Nations Member States adopted a resolution recognizing that the greatest challenge in the world today is the eradication of poverty … Read more

La producción de panela en Colombia

For centuries, panela was a handcrafted product that had no added value or technological changes in its production process. The traditional productive factory of panela is known as “trapiche”. Colombia is the second largest producer after India. It is also the first country in the world of panela consumption per capita, with 34. 2 kg … Read more

¿Cuál es el proceso de elaboración de panela sólida?

There are six key steps during the panela production. They are as it follows: 1. Sugar cane maturity and cutting When the cane is mature (between 10 and 20 months after having been planted) and contains the ideal quantity of sugars (sucrose) required for the production of panela. This is the moment when farmers proceed … Read more

Los mejores sustitutos del azúcar: descubre estas 3 alternativas

There are different natural sweeteners that can serve you to replace the sugar. Whether you have run out of sugar or simply want to stop drinking white sugar, here are some alternatives. Eating too much sugar is not good for your health and that is why many people use artificial sweeteners to consume fewer calories, … Read more

El secreto de Rigoberto Urán, Egan Bernal, Nairo Quintana y ‘Superman´ López: la panela como fuente de energía

This national product is one of the keys that Colombian ‘beetles’ use to have outstanding performances in Europe. Colombia has been characterized as one of the countries that has brought the best cyclists to professionalism in last years. The work of runners like Rigoberto Urán and Nairo Quintana is highlighted in the main international competitions. … Read more

Hacia el 2022, la exportación de panela llegará a las 18,000 toneladas

Panela, one of the foods with the highest nutritional value, will seek to multiply its export volume by almost five by 2022. This is why some 4,000 tons of that food are currently exported each year and the goal in five years is to reach 18,000 In dialogue with Portafolio, Carlos Mayorga, general manager of … Read more

Panela, uno de los motores de la economía agrícola

Not only sugar is produced from that tall and tall stem of the cane, it is a plant that offers different uses. Its cultivation generates permanent employment, contributes to economic development, contributes to social stability and becomes one of the crops that works and is committed to caring for the environment and sustainability. Its permanent … Read more

¡Conociendo a los productores de Panela!

At Heincke, we work to impact the lives of hundreds of families. That is why we want to introduce some of the members that are part of the production and transformation of panela. Each of them has different histories and a common purpose: To produce the best panela in Colombia. Maicol is one of these … Read more

La panela contribuye a la medicina

According to studies carried out by the program of Agroindustrial Processes of CORPOICA and the School of Medicine Juan N. Corpas, it was proved that panela is a natural cicatrizant. Through this scientific advance the healing benefits of panela cease to be a traditional belief and is now recognized as a naturopathic medicine. This product … Read more

Panela, la nueva estrella entre los endulzantes

Nowadays, panela is taking a lot of presence in the international market, which should be generating interest in small farmers. The world is converging to healthy eating and panela with all its nutritional advantages, its organic value and that idea of ​​being “natural sweetener”, has to hold on. Unlike processed sugar, panela is a type … Read more