Heincke: Triple Impacto

For many people, the concept of sustainability is directly related to environmental impact. However, for Heincke, this word implies much more, extending to 3 spheres: environmental, social and economic. Environmental sustainability This implies that a company adjusts to the cycles of nature, that is, that all processes from the acquisition of raw materials to the … Read more

¿Sabes qué es USDA Organic?

When buying a product, you come across different information such as “nutritional value”, “diet products” or “organic products”. This can be confusing, and lead you to consider that “organic” is just one more attribute, without expressing its real meaning: “plant products, animal products or their derivatives, which are produced and made with natural substances.” Although … Read more

¿Qué es una corporación B?

This system is recognized as part of a movement where the encounter arises when we realize that we share the same search: “a new economic genetics that allows values and ethics to inspire collective solutions without forgetting particular needs. The movement is motivated by thousands of people who want to work for a world and not … Read more

¿Cómo producimos la mejor panela?

The principle of health This is the first of the 4 principles of organic agriculture, it presents us that the health of individuals and societies cannot be divided from the health of ecosystems. So, to eat healthy, we need to have healthy soils that grow healthy crops and promote the health of animals and individuals. … Read more

¿Qué es agricultura orgánica?

Organic farming is much more than not using pesticides, genetically modified organisms, fertilizers, growth hormones and antibiotics. It is a holistic system for crops and livestock production, design to optimize the productivity and suitability of diverse communities within the agricultural ecosystem, including plant, livestock, people and even soil organisms. The main objective of this system … Read more

¿Por qué elegir orgánico?

why choosing organics

Nowadays, it is very common to hear about organic products and their wonders; these products range from food to cosmetics. And perhaps, for us, there remains the question of whether these products are actually better or whether it is worth paying for that difference in price compared to conventional products.  To begin with, we have … Read more

¿Cómo construir un Capitalismo Sostenible?

panela sostenible

Some years after Milton Friedman declared that “the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits”, this doctrine is finally coming to its end. A lot of entrepreneurs and companies are skeptical that the only working system is the one that incentivizes squeezing profits out and handing them to shareholders not involved in operations.  … Read more

ODS #3: Salud y Bienestar

heincke panela

Ensure healthy lives and promote well being at all ages for all is the Sustainable Development Gold #3. In Heincke we offer a product that replaces refined sugar (simple carbohydrate) with panela (complex carbohydrate). Refined sugar is related to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart problems and others. Here’s the difference: a simple carbohydrate is … Read more

ODS #2: Hambre cero

Due to rapid economic growth and increased agricultural productivity over the past two decades, the number of malnourished people has almost halved. Many developing countries that were suffering from famine are now able to meet the nutritional needs of the most vulnerable. Regions such as Central and East Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean … Read more

¿Qué son los ODS?

panela heincke

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, an action plan for people, planet and prosperity, which also aims to strengthen universal peace and access to justice. The United Nations Member States adopted a resolution recognizing that the greatest challenge in the world today is the eradication of poverty … Read more