Heincke and its commitment to sustainability

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Heincke has in its core values sustainability. 

In 2021, you will be a B certified company for 3 years. This certification encompasses 3 major pillars: environmental, social and economic. It allows companies to measure and manage the impacts generated by their business model and also by their policies and practices.

It is also an exercise that allows the company leaders to see a wide panorama that includes: workers, customers, suppliers, the community, the environment and governance in order to make improvements.

Not all companies that want to be certified do so since it is required to have a score higher than 80 points of a total of 200.

Heincke specifically supports 3 SDGs:

2.Zero hunger

3.Wellness and health

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

To know how our company supports these SDGs you can see the following posts:

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