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We were the hosts of one of the booths in Agro Futuro the 13th edition. We went with one of our allies Hacienda el Escobal. The activity we choose to showcast to the attendants was a panela or unrefined sugar cane tasting. We were able to catch the attention of the multitude and share our philosophy.

People were happy to taste different varieties of panela as well as know the traceability of each one.

The event went on of three days, the audience were people of all ages. We managed to catch their attention and plant an important seed. It is possible to have a triple impact successful business. We care equally about the people, the environment and profit and are able to bring value to our customers.

This show case was the opportunity for the visitors to experiment the different flavors, textures and colors of panela.

We are grateful to call this experience a successful one. We are a company committed with quality and high standards.


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